Commune Dining Tables

This is a modern merging of contemporary and traditional styles. The open leg-base harmonizes with the breathing shapes of the table top; the split legs cross and connect with each other on the floor and are reflected in the in-laid propeller veneer pattern on the table surface. Commune’s shapes, sizes and stationary or expansion configurations are malleable and customizable to address the endlessly varied dining situations.

Handcrafted in Utah.


86L x 19.5D x 32H
74L x 19.5D x 32H
65L x 19.5D x 32H

Back Panel is 50H and adds 8 to the length


Back Panel
Adjustable shelves
Glass fronted drawers


The Commune Server is available in our standard woods and finishes including the following:

Natural, Medium, Dark, Black-Brown and Fog

White Oak:
Clear, Medium, Dark, Black-Brown, Sand, Teak and Cerused

Natural, Medium, Dark and Black-Brown

Lacquer Colors:
Hokkaido Snow, Oaxaca Flan, India Ivory, Burma Red, Rothko Coal, Klee Clay

Custom woods and finishes are available upon request when a sample to match is provided.

Email for more information