The Loro Piana Interiors collection was created to enable Loro Piana’s customers to furnish and ‘dress’ interiors with the same objectives of refined quality and attention to details they usually accomplish when dressing themselves. Creating the fabrics of the Interiors collection, we have used only natural and exclusive fibers such as cashmere, wool, angora, silk, linen and cotton. The collection offers a large range of fabrics (30 articles and more than 300 color shades) to dress homes, planes, helicopters and private yachts.

In addition to the traditional Loro Piana cashmere and woolen fabrics, the collection offers chevron and linen textures, cotton moleskins (fustian) and plain shades, shantung and silk velvets and more. The offer is complete and articulated, ready to satisfy the taste and the most demanding requests. In addition to fabrics, the collection includes two hides and a carpet in pure cashmere, shown in three natural colors.

City Interiors

For city residences the Loro Piana Interiors collection offers the finest cashmere and merino wool blended with linen or silk, the perfect solution for upholstery and decor. These fabrics are also ideal for wall coverings: the insulation offered by the natural fibers cuts down noise pollution, creating an inviting, private haven in the home.

Countryside Interiors

The Loro Piana Interiors collection for country homes offers fabrics inspired by nature. Solid colors, stripes, chevron patterns and checks are worked in a color palette where ecru and neutrals blend with browns and greens. Grosgrain, barré and straw-effect weaves offer a touch of vintage flair. The definitive natural fiber in this collection is linen, a cool, soft fiber with glossy slubs that add textural interest. For a truly exclusive touch, raw or “tussah” silk is interwoven with wool and horse hair, the “rustic” feel of which is softened with the addition of linen.

Mountain Interiors

Loro Piana’s signature cashmere is perfect for warming the interiors of mountain homes. The fabrics in 100% cashmere or wool and cashmere blends come in a wide assortment of patterns, solid colors, stripes and checks, designed to mix and match. For an extra-special touch, Loro Piana Interiors also creates custom colors on demand.

Seaside Interiors

For seaside homes Loro Piana has chosen textiles with a fresh, breezy touch. Quintessential cool summer fibers like linen and cotton, used alone or blended, are worked in solid colors, stripes, and non-solids, in a rich palette of colors. The heavier fabrics designed for upholstery, sofa beds, and headboards can also be used to create elegant bedspreads, while the lighter textiles in the collection are perfect for decor elements and drapes. For cushions, curtains and other decor accents the collection offers iridescent silk shantung and linen fabrics.

Yacht Interiors

Capitalizing on the natural properties of cashmere and linen, Loro Piana has developed a series of fabrics for yacht interiors. Special blends of natural fibers forge the ideal combination of practicality and comfort: linen, with its cool, crisp texture, and cashmere, offering natural protection from the dampness of the marine environment. Available in different weights and textures, these fabrics are perfect for upholstered furniture, bedspreads, cushions, and even light-blocking drapes that ensure maximum privacy when the yacht is docked.

Aircraft Interiors

Loro Piana Interiors fabrics undergo rigorous testing to obtain international certification for use in the aviation industry. Cashmere - used alone or blended with wool - is particularly suitable and can also be coordinated with 100% cashmere footsteps.

Commercial Interiors

There is a special collection devoted to commercial interior design, for creating unique working environments using cashmere, merino wool and linen designed for durability and treated with special stain-resistant finishes.Vicuña fibers are used to make the highest quality yarns and fabrics.

Throws & Bed Covers

Light-weight, wonderfully warm and indulgently enveloping, Loro Piana’s throws and blankets are crafted from the very highest quality fibers: cashmere, baby cashmere, cashmere and chinchilla, and baby camel hair. The rich color palette offers the perfect complement to the fabrics for upholstery and decor elements. Loro Piana Interiors also offers an exclusive made-to-measure service to select the perfect shade for every style of decor.


Loro Piana uses the finest Vicuña fibers to make the highest quality yarns and fabrics.