The Tribe

The Impala is a medium – sized African antelope. Adult females and young Impala form herds of up to 200 individuals and this species is the most abundant type of antelope in Africa. Only the male impala have lyre shaped horns and those that are territorial, will round up any females that enter their grounds and will chase away any bachelor males that follow.

The Tribe looks fantastic in smaller rooms such as a cloakroom, bathroom or study. The lovely artwork is mimicked perfectly and in smaller spaces, the design is transformed into a beautiful work of art.

Design Name: The Tribe
Pattern No: JTTR01
Roll Width: 68cm/26.8in
Roll Length: 10m/32.8ft
Repeat: 25.5cm/10in Straight Match
Composition: Non Woven Wallpaper
Care: Spongeable
Fire Rating: EU Class B


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