As a photographer I have always been fascinated by other lands. Los Angeles is and always has been my home, but I feel like there are pieces of me scattered all over the world, in any city I have spent time. Better yet, I feel that pieces of those cities make up the man I am today.
There are many things that I find fascinating about cities: The visual image of human versus element, the streets, the architecture and the fact that no two cities are exactly the same. It is this individual character and unique feeling that each invokes in me that leads me to explore and create within their walls, and has also inspired this collection of wall coverings. Each design is constructed from an image that I have shot in a particular city and is structured to intertwine exterior elements within an interior space. Whether used as an accent or an overall theme, this collection was designed as a unique way to incorporate art and textiles.

paulpaper positano
paulpaper california
paulpaper cityscape

“They ascended the mountain as strangers and descended it as friends". Indeed, the remote heights of White Mountain Peak—with its ancient, gnarled trees resembling Tim Burton creatures—proved a fitting backdrop for the meeting of creative minds Romain Bouticourt and Patrick Ediger, introduced through mutual friends on that 2006 camping trip.


This modern British design duo are original and delight in exploring new techniques on furniture, fabrics and wallpaper. Every last element is crafted by hand in their studio, with a unique passion for bringing the past to the present. Knowles & Christou wallpapers are hand printed to order using water based inks. As apposed to the mechanical printing process, hand printing is a much lengthier and skilled process. The advantages are apparent in the overall appearance, in the quality of the surface, the depth of colour and in the unrestricted repeat sizes that can be achieved.

All of Juliet Travers' designs are hand drawn by Juliet and the full range of products are made in England using the gravure technique, which is a world-class printing method for achieving maximum detail and tone. This is the only process that can capture the detail from Juliet’s original drawings and recreate the same quality of line work during production.