Wishbone Table Series

The Wishbone Series represents Stacklab's first foray into iterative, digital prototyping - a technique that far surpasses physical testing in its ability to optimize form and significantly reduce waste. This made-to-order series pairs our signature wishbone castings with solid, domestic hardwood or Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) and is available as a dining table, desk or console.

Dimensions (shown):
40”D x 138”L x 29" H (I.1-3)
36"D x 96"L x 29"H (I.4-5)
15"D x 42"L x 29-1/2"H (I.6-9)
44"D x 108"L x 29-1/2"H (I.10-11)

Materials (shown):
Walnut and Bronze
ECC and Iron
Walnut and Bronze
Walnut and Iron

Lead time: 8-12 Weeks

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