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JP Chair


W 20" / D 19" / H 35.5"
Seat Height: 19"
COM: 2 yards plus COL: 27 sq ft


The solid walnut chair is hand-crafted with traditional joinery. The upholstery features a combination of leather and
fabric and is an homage to 1940s French designer Jacques Adnet.

Standard lead time: 8-12 weeks

Order commencement dependent on receipt of COM Form / COL Form / Bed Order Form / Wood & Metal Finish (where applicable) and any custom product specifications.
Lead time does not include shipping and delivery time.

MATERIALS: Walnut, leather, and fabric

Natural, medium light, medium dark (photo), dark, espresso walnut. Other wood species available

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Wood products:
All wood products are finished with a satin lacquer then waxed and polished by hand. This process is designed to protect your furniture for a while. As with any wood product, it is important to avoid prolonged contact to direct heat, water or alcohol. We suggest using coasters.
To maintain a beautiful finish, we recommend wiping your furniture with a soft cotton rag lightly moistened with warm water. Use a dry rag afterwards to completely dry off.
For maintenance and better protection, wax the furniture every 3 to 6 months with high quality furniture polish or paste wax and follow the instruction on the label. Do not over apply and make sure to buff out the wax with a soft cloth to avoid clouding.
Do not use spray waxes or spray polish. Never use an abrasive cloth, pad or products like Pledge.
Wood is a living material who will still react and be affected by exposure to direct sun, change of temperature and moisture. It will also age and acquire a natural patina, developing a lighter or darker color depending the type of wood.

Wipe with a dry soft cloth (cotton always works best) to take off the dust and apply a good quality leather conditioner from time to time to maintain the shine. Leather is also a living material; the color will change with age.

To clean the Lucite, we recommend wiping it with a soft cotton rag always lightly moistens with warm water mix with a little bit of glass cleaner or any plastic cleaner to remove the dust. Never use solvent, thinner or alcohol cleaner. Do not use any abrasive cloth or pad that will scratch the very delicate surface of the Lucite.

When completed, patina finishes are waxed to protect them. Removing the wax can expose the finish, which may then become damaged. When cleaning always use a soft lint free cloth. The cloth may be damped with water but afterwards the top should be gently and immediately dried off. Never use solvent, thinner or alcohol cleaner. Do not use any abrasive cloth or pad. For maintenance, wax such as Mohawk Blue label Paste wax can be applied and buffed with a soft cloth.

Silk wrap chandelier & sconces:
Dust out with a feather duster or a cleansafe spray.