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Cloudbox Club Chair


Chair With All Metal Base Legs and Cumulus Cushions
36 3/8"W x 33.75"D x 28.5"H
6 Yrd COM
Available in COM only.

Chair With All Metal Base Legs and Nimbus Cushions
36 3/8"W x 33.75"D x 28.5"H
6 Yrd COM / 108' Sq Ft COL


Cloudbox seating is available in Cumulus or Nimbus
Cumulus quilt pattern on the inside is available only in fabric, not leather.
Nimbus pattern is available in fabric or leather.

Specification Note:
Cumulus pre-approval of COM suggested for pile fabric.

Cloudbox Details:
Cumulus pattern is quilted not pieced together.
Nimbus Pattern is pieced together and pulled back.
Leg bases available in standard TB metal powder coat finishes.

Wood Finishes
Walnut Black Brown
Walnut Clear
Walnut Cool Gray
Walnut Dark
Walnut Fog
Walnut Graphite
Walnut Medium
Walnut Natural
Walnut Warm Gray
White Oak Black Brown
White Oak Bleached Ceruse
White Oak Dark Driftwood
White Oak Light Brown
White Oak Natural
White Oak Warm Gray
Metal Finishes
Industrial Black
Powder Coat Black
Powder Coat Bronze Dark
Powder Coat Bronze Medium
Powder Coat Bronze
Powder Coat Champagne
Glass Finishes
Lacquer Finishes
Ballet White
Brandon Beige
Midsummer Night
Navajo Red
Newburg Green
Norway Spruce
Vanilla Milkshake
Stone Finishes
Metal Finishes
ECC Finishes
Acrylic Finishes
Outdoor Finishes
Wood Cut
Bone China Finishes
Fabric Finishes