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Palms - Beverly Hills


40" wide
Horizontal repeat 20"
Vertical repeat 5.75"
Sold by the yard


"This collection is probably the closest to my heart. Southern California is not only where I was born and raised but is also where I spend most of my time. In this collection I chose some of the locations I frequently visit in my favorite state. As much as I love to travel, I love so much to come home."- Paul Robinson

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Ordinary dirt and smudges can be removed with a mild soap and warm water. Clean from bottom of wall upward. Rinse thoroughly with clean water from the top down using a sponge. Deeply embossed wallcoverings need extra attention to remove suds or loosened dirt that may lodge in the embossing. Dry wallcovering with a soft lint free cloth or towel. For more difficult stains that are only surface deep, the use of a stronger detergent is recommended. Always test an inconspicuous area with the stronger detergent to be sure that the surface and ink are not damaged. DO NOT USE steel wool or powdered abrasive because they can damage the image and textured surface.

DO NOT USE solvents, alcohol, pine oil, ammonia or cleaners that contain these kinds of products as they can remove the image and damage the textured surface. When cleaning, always take measures to prevent water from dripping behind molding.